Top 10 Male Wrestlers of the Year 2019 – WWE, AEW & NJPW

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2019 has been the most exciting year for wrestling fans. From the launching a brand that could prove to be WWE’s rival, to the magnificence of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s in-ring competition. It is not easy at all to choose … Read More

Types of Wrestling Matches – Top 10 WWE Types

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The evolution of wrestling matches Types of Wrestling Matches – There are a variety of matches to be found in professional wrestling, while some are usually frequent, others are as a result of an even and are usually fought just … Read More

How to become a Great Wrestler | Top 10 Concepts

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For many superstars wrestler, getting into the WWE seems to be the highlight of their career and the pinnacle of their profession. However, despite it being hard to first enter and gain an opportunity in the organisation it is even … Read More

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