understanding wrestling weight classes

Understanding wrestling and wrestling weight classes. Maybe you have seen wrestling on TV before or you have gone for a live game just to watch your favorite wrestler undertake their opponent, so thrilling right? But what is wrestling really? Is … Read More

the ultimate wrestling gear solution cliff keen

The ultimate wrestling gear solution: Cliff Keen Wrestling is a sport that has been played for ages. It is now being played throughout the world and also holds an important position in the Olympics. But, it is not a gentleman’s … Read More

what you need to know about wrestling drills

What Do You Need to Know About Wrestling Drills? Wrestling drills play an important role in any athlete or wrestler’s growth. There are tons of different drills you can use to perfect your technique. However, it is not always easy … Read More

Wrestling Equipment And Attire To Have At Home For Practice

posted in: Training

Wrestling Equipment And Attire To Have At Home For Practice Wrestling is a sport with a spectacle; that is, it combines the disciplines of combat and spectacle. The sport consists of hand-to-hand combat, usually divided into two sides for combat, … Read More

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