How to become a Great Wrestler

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For many superstars wrestler, getting into the WWE seems to be the highlight of their career and the pinnacle of their profession. However, despite it being hard to first enter and gain an opportunity in the organisation it is even harder to retain your job and continue being relevant today.

WWE superstars wrestler today have to create a character they think will have durability and have to decide whether or not the character will be a crowd favourite and feed off the crowds excitement and passion or the ‘heel’ who doesn’t care what the crowds attitude towards them are for example telling them to ‘keep their mouths shut when their hand goes up’. For some superstars, creating this persona is too much of a challenge and therefore their role in the business/involvement in story lines lessens; they begin to fade out of the business resulting in termination of contracts and an inevitable return to the indie wrestling scene.

How to become a Great Wrestler

Some wrestlers such as Drew McIntyre understand the importance of character building in the WWE as he currently appears in his second stint in the organisation after being released from his contract. Despite always being the ‘villainous character McIntyre’s first stint in the WWE wasn’t very successful and was somewhat short of the powerhouse he is today. McIntyre saw himself apart of many different story lines including ones with Matt Hardy,

Kelly Kelly and the forming of ‘3MB’ and became more a part of side matches for the sake of it with the likes of Brodus Clay. Once Drew earned his return, he understood the importance of creating a dominant heel character who looked out for themselves and disrespected everyone to gain traction and recognition. Now, the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ is dominating many superstars and has climbed the ladder of superstars to receive a lot of the spotlight and story lines.

Other  superstars wrestler in the WWE become the face of the company, feed off the positivist and affection the WWE crowd has for them and become real fan favorites such as Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The new WWE Universal Champion has been a part of both positive and negative story lines. When Batista left Evolution and WWE, Triple H then attained Seth Rollins who turned on his ‘Shield Brothers’ re-joining the authority turning heel again.

He told the WWE universe that both Reigns and Ambrose where not his brothers but merely tools to allow him to move up the WWE. This story line was a huge moment for WWE fans as the most dominant group in years collapsed and Rollins took center stage in the authority’s vision for the business.

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In order to gain the wrestlers spotlight in the WWE, superstars are required to do the unthinkable and go against what many expect them too. For some this is relevant most recently to Kevin Owens’ attack on ‘The New Day’ as the Canadian superstar gained trust of both Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston before brutalising both Kofi and Xavier whilst Big E remains side-lined.

Kevin Owens turned heel once again as he continuously does and is regarded among current wrestlers as one of the best at retaining the spotlight as the heel character earns his own ‘talk-show’ on the brands like fellow heels: The Miz, Edge, and Chris Jericho and continues to receive main story lines on either Brand with a lot of attention from the WWE universe.

How to become a Great Wrestler

The faces of the WWE are the likes of John Cena who have done it for years and is regarded as ‘the face who runs the place’. However, as John reaches the end of his WWE career focusing more on Hollywood acting other superstars such as AJ Styles step up and claim the face role becoming the crowd favourite.

Overall, to become a WWE Champion, superstars must be either be a crowd favourite and the face of the company or turn heel and be regarded as the ‘villain’ on the brands. Superstars must be committed to either one and cannot be regarded as just another superstar as the WWE universe will quickly forget about their existence such as Heath Slater, No Way Jose and Alicia Fox who will not be WWE Champions any time soon and are just there to make up the numbers.

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How to become a Great Wrestler
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