Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear for Wrestling, BJJ, MMA Ear Protection: Extra Strong Stitching, Comfortable Chin Strap, Antimicrobial, New Easy to Adjust Design One Size Fits Most (ADULT)

PEACE OF MIND: Prevent UGLY cauliflower ear with the easiest to adjust, most comfortable, and most stable headgear on the market. Stay focused on your goals. Headgear should protect, not hinder you!
PROTECTION: Train and fight with more intensity knowing your ears are protected. Our hard EVA ear guards can stand up to the toughest abuse without deforming, and they have extra-large vent holes for better hearing!
EASY TO ADJUST: Our New Design allows you to fine tune your fit without removing your headgear for maximum protection and comfort. No more constant guesswork and adjustment required to protect your ears.

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