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The rise and fall of wrestling promotions around the world

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It is pretty exciting to have big launches and make huge announcements but delivering on those offered promises is more important in long-term. The wrestling industry is becoming competitive increasingly all around the world. More particularly, last decade has been proved as one of the most amazing eras in the history of wrestling promotions. Even more, 2019 has also been proves to be a huge duration as NXT was launched by AEW which became a full-fledged wrestling brand. Along with this, NJPW also announced the official foray of it into North America.
However, with the laid of groundwork for expansion, the new decade is also showing many of the wrestling promotions are rising. With the passage of time number of wrestling promotions is increasing and it is not looking to be lower any time near. Even the coming 10 years are going to be huge in almost every aspect for wrestling promotions. Because their popularity is growing with every passing day.
Rise and Fall of Wrestling promotions
If you consider yourself a lifelong fan of wrestling, then you certainly know much about the world of wrestling including numerous wrestling promotions who have made a successful name in this industry and the ones who you can’t see anywhere now too. Although WWE, ECW or CWC were some of the big names in the industry of wrestling promotions. But there were various other names too including World Wrestling All Stars, Global Wrestling Federations, Nu Wrestling Evolution, etc. who came for a very shorter time and couldn’t work well to please wrestling fans.
Independent wrestling promotions were normed all across the world once. However, with the passage of time, rise of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and creation of WCW (World championship wrestling) along with some other wrestling promotions fainted the possibility of independent succeeding. But with the arrival of 19th century independents started to look for more creative ways to survive in this industry. Even several of those banded together to share cost and talent and were names as ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling). This promotion was based on Philadelphian Warehouse, that stored hosted bingo and parade floats, this promotion seems to be doomed as one more 90-day wonder. However, when the promotions started to hire wrestlers, they warned that this association is going to be temporary only. They come, shake their opponents and just gone.
But later Heyman redefined the meanings of professional wrestling in the 90s. At that time, he created a wrestling company which dared to push limitations of sports entertainment to the next level. And at that time, what he created is currently known as Extreme Championship Wrestling. This was a new addition in the list of wrestling promotions. This wrestling promotion dared not to rely on traditional wrestling. It is because rather than relying on the local wrestlers only, this promotions’ team started to hire international wrestling talent too as well as down and out veterans to draw more crowd.
These wrestling promotions started to create attractive ways to grab the attention of wrestling fans. And converted the reality of offering much more than just a wrestling match to their spectaculars. They focused more on bringing unique styles of wrestlers in front of their fans. Words feast as savvy wrestling fans started to talk about exchanging tapes and emerging wrestling promotions too. Later by including the fans in the shows, wrestling promotions started to attract a rabid, cut-like followers which are still strong. And this is rising popularity of wrestling promotions day by day.
Some of the best wrestling promotions which will be successful
Well, here we have some of the most successful wrestling promotions which are meant to offer spectacular wrestling to their viewers.
Ring of Honor
Numerous of the current WWE superstars are working as alumni of Ring of Honor. This wrestling promotion is popular for showcasing many indie darlings’ talent who have gone to have a decorated career in the field of wrestling. Even some of Ring of honor superstars have never signed WWE.
Well, Ring of Honor which is also known as ROH was founded by Rob Feinstein in the year 2002. This wrestling promotion is not only boasting incredible talent but also showcasing phenomenal matches which have put various upcoming wrestlers on the map.
All Elite Wrestling
Currently, the hottest debate in wrestling promotions industry is either AEW is a competition for WWE currently. Because the growing popularity of AEW is pretty hard to avoid. This wrestling promotion has been associated with the big names which are becoming a major reason behind its popularity.
Total Non-stop Action Wrestling
Total Non-stop Action Wrestling shortly known as TNA is marketing itself as a wrestling promotion which offers an alternative to the world-famous WWE. However, the difference between these two companies are making them distinct. While, hexagonal ring of TNA has become its trademark. Even more, TNA is also containing its wacky storyline’s fair share. It is persisting at the present day as well as it has contributed huge to the wrestling industry’s legacy.
All Elite Wrestling
AEW has become the biggest 2019’s wrestling stories. Although there are no guarantees in this industry but still it seems that AEW is poised to grow bigger in 2020. It is because this is containing incredible talent, and energetic leadership.
Final thought
Whenever we think about the best wrestling promotions then WWE is one of the most common names to arise in the mind. Although WWE had a stranglehold on the industry of wrestling for decades. Because it has gotten its status as the best wrestling in the world especially in the duration of Monday Night Wars where WWE defeated its previous competition WCW. However, when it comes to know about the successful future of wrestling promotions then WWE is not the only name to consider any more. It is because there exist tons of names as the best and highly successful wrestling promotions. Knowing these names can easily let you know the fact that wrestling is still growing in popularity and the hype of wrestling is not looking to be fade in the years to come mainly because of the creative storytelling.
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