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understanding wrestling weight classes

Understanding wrestling and wrestling weight classes.
Maybe you have seen wrestling on TV before or you have gone for a live game just to watch your favorite wrestler undertake their opponent, so thrilling right? But what is wrestling really? Is it some kind of a fight? Well, this is a sport, a more combat one which involves; taking down your opponent, locking joints, clinch fighting and many other techniques. See? It is nothing about fighting, in fact it is most of time categorized as entertainment, and it is just a physical competition between two people. Wrestling was included in Olympics as a sport of competition, a category which has attracted very many participants.
There are two categories of wrestling you can explore in the international disciplines, these are, first, the Greco-roman wrestling which is very common in the Olympics, in this category, the distinguishing rules and regulations are that you cannot hold your opponent below your belt or use the legs for any support. The second category is free wrestling; it is also used in Olympics. In this category you are allowed to use your legs in defense and attack and you any win if you are able to pin your opponent down. Other categories include; beach wrestling, amateur pankration wrestling, college wrestling and pro wrestling among others. Wrestling, for the purpose of fairness, is done in classes; these classifications are reached at according to the weight of opponents.
What are wrestling weight classes?
A weight class in professional wrestling is basically is a range of weights put in categories for the wrestlers. In wrestling, you are not allowed to fight an opponent who is out of you weight class. This is to make sure that the opponents have the same strength which is the baseline, this is a fair way of treating the wrestlers so that their skills are the only measure of their victory and that is the only fair way you can make wrestling to be.
There are different classes that are involved in wrestling which are determined by weight, these classes may have a little variation in different countries. Here are the common categories that are involved
Heavyweight– this is the topmost class in wrestling. This class is considered more as an open class, this is because, it has the minimum entry weight but there is actually no maximum limit. Mexico, Japan and USA wrestling commissions are the most common that have made several changes in this category over the time. However the category has settled at 200lb or 90.72kg as a minimum standard entry weight for professional wrestling
Junior heavy weight– this is the second immediate after the heavy weight class. This class has also some differences in different country. The class has a top limit of 90.72kg; this means that if you go beyond this limit you will be falling into the category of the heavy eights. Many wrestlers work hard in this category to add weight so that they can enter the heavyweight categories, while others work on maintaining their weights so that they can remain in the category and make wins first.
Light heavy weight– this is the third weight class from the top in wrestling, the class has a limit weight of 175lb in professional wrestling as a standard limit, however, variations can be there as per the country’s wrestling association.
Junior light heavy weight- it has a limit of 168lb, this means that if you go past there you will fall into the light heavyweight class. It is also called the heavy middleweight in some countries or super middle weight. The category first had a world champion in the 1940s.
Middleweight-has a limit of 160lb this is a cut down from the initial limit in the 1980s which was 165lb
Junior middleweight– it has a limit weight of 154lb. it had its first world title winning in the 1930s, it is also called the super welterweight in other countries.
Other weight classes include the welterweight, the junior welterweight, the light weight, the junior light weight, featherweight, junior featherweight, bantamweight and flyweight. All these categories are also sometimes used in boxing with either the same weight limits or with a very slight difference.
How and why to work towards the classes
How to work towards classes
To work towards these classes you must be able to work out the important exercises that are necessary. As you have realized the classes in wrestling are dependant to the weight and the strength, to get the required strength that will enable you to get through the classes, here are few exercises that are best for that;
Pull-ups- this exercise is very important for the endurance of the muscles and the strength too. The exercises are very important for the upper body muscles, which are above your waist
Dead lifts- the exercise is good for giving you a very strong lower back
Squats-it is important for getting your hamstrings strong.
Trunk stabilization movements- these are very specific body movements that are very important for flexibility in wrestling
Why work towards wrestling classes?
If you are a wrestler or you are working toward there, it is important to move through classes. This is because the more you move to other classes the more the titles you collect. Every class has an added importance as they move up to the heavyweight class. You will be able to collect as more titles as possible when you move through the classes.
Why is this important to develop tips to help you achieve results?
It is as important as a wrestler to develop important tips in wrestling for you to get the results that are satisfying and that would be obviously winning the titles. It is not easy to end up as a winner in wrestling; you will need to have strategic tips that will help you to win. The tips are important because;
The necessary tips in wrestling will help you to know how to defend yourself from your opponent; defense here means you keep the opponent from pinning you down.
The tips are very important to help you play the offensive part, which is to be able to put your opponent down for you to win the match.

undeerstanding wrestling weight classes
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undeerstanding wrestling weight classes
A weight class in professional wrestling is basically is a range of weights put in categories for the wrestlers. We look at and explain all the different wrestling weights classes, and how to work on them.
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