Wrestling brothers. Which wrestling brothers are the best?

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Blood they say is thicker than water. The proof of this statement is very visible in the wrestling world where brothers from the same family come together and form a strong team other wrestlers find very difficult to defeat. Which wrestling brothers are the best?

The family angle creates an intriguing story line in the wrestling industry, making the business more entertaining and amusing. Things get very interesting when family members team together, and back in the days, if you recall, the likes of Mike and Eddie Graham battled it out against brothers like Terry and Dory Funk, bringing more creativity to the industry. Also, family feuds lingered, with the Von Erich brothers grudging bitterly against the Freebirds.

When talking about the greatest wrestling brothers of all time, not that some of these brothers are not related by blood, they only have that strong feeling that they could put their strengths together and perform wonders in the industry, taking out opponents they never thought would be possible and winning titles for themselves. Interestingly, there are also wrestling brothers that are from the same family and are related biologically, feared by others and also doing exploits.

Surely, you could be a fan of a particular wrestling brothers, but don’t be shocked not to find them in this post. Why? This is because some of your favourite wrestling brothers though very talented, never won any grand tag team titles, hence they didn’t appear on this list. For example, the well loved wrestling brothers like the Harts and Rougeaus don’t have any of the highest tag team gold to their name, hence they didn’t appear on this list.

Additionally, we are not just talking about tag team champions, we are talking about legitimate brothers who, during their reign caused pain to other wrestling, winning the major belts, forcing others to scramble for minor titles. With that said, who then appeared?

Let’s take a look at some of the best wrestling brothers in the game:

The Hardy brothers
Talking about professional wrestling, the Hardy brothers are undoubtedly one of the best wrestling brothers in the game. Though they might not be in their best form at the moment, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are a very tough team to defeat. They have set unbelievable records, they have won WWE, WCW and TNA gold, a record that no other team of brothers have kept.

The Steiners
As far back as the ‘90s, Rick and Scott, the Steiner brothers have been in the game, setting records. Having won gold in WCW seven times, they are a very sturdy and savage tag team brothers the wrestling world have known. They have other remarkable records too, having won NWA gold in Mid-South.

Harlem Heat
Who doesn’t know Booker T. the fierce one? A ferocious wrestler, together with his brother Stevie Ray, they choose to be called Harlem Heat. Together, they were feared in the wrestling world, and they dominated the tag team division between the year 1993 through 1999. From Houston, Texas, this brothers have won a record of 10 WCW tag team championship, a record many tag teams would only dream of.

The Wild Samoans
The duo, Afa and Sika who were from the well-known Anoa’i family, choose the stage name ‘the Wild Samoans’. Managed by Captain Lou Albano, they have won many titles, including nine NWA tag team championships. In 2007, they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, lifting the family name higher.

The Briscos
This family should not be confused with the Briscoe Brothers, because even though their names sounds similar, they are different families. From the start, they weren’t performing together as a team, and it was even Jack that trained his brother Gerry before they became a team, a fierce team that made other wrestlers become green with envy. Do you know what? They dint just win numerous tag team titles and dominated the NWA tag world for a long time, they discovered one of the greatest legends in the history of wrestling, Hulk Hogan!

The Briscoe Brothers
Similar in name with the Briscos, they are different in many respects, especially in records kept. Mark and Jay Briscoe have won gold on several occasions, with several ROH and tag team titles.

The Harris Brothers
With numerous stage names, Ron and Don Harris dominated the tag team world in the ‘90s and the ‘00s, with several tag team titles to their cabinet. Winning three WCW Tag Team Championships, they have, in addition, six NWA tag title reigns, making them one of the most successful wrestling brothers.

The Usos
Three great brothers surely made of steel, the Usos comprising of Rikishi, Jimmy and Jey Uso are a tough team to beat. However, they are currently not in form, but don’t be surprised if they resurface stronger than ever and dominate the game, winning tag team titles and even more.

The Colóns
Even though they didn’t dominate the game for long, the Colon brothers shook the industry between the years 2008 and 2009. During this period, they kept records, most notably when, just after two weeks after their debut as a team defeated Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, the champions at that time. This success of theirs didn’t really live for long because shortly afterwards, they disbanded completely and also lost their titles.

Gold and Stardust

In the history of wrestling, there have never been brothers from the same family that didn’t shake the industry, but unfortunately, some of them were just a flash in the pan, as their success didn’t last long. One example of such wrestling brothers are Cody Rhodes and Gold dust, whose granddad was a plumber. As it stand, it is unlikely that they will team up again anytime soon, but who knows? They could probably surprise everyone and come back stronger.

Now, you can see that the world of wrestling is a very entertaining one, with brothers teaming together to cause havoc. Blood is thicker than water, and these wrestling brothers have proved this statement to be true, winning gold and dominating the industry.

Do you think this list is fair? Which wrestling brothers do you know that were not mentioned? Let us know in the comment box!

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